From front to back: Bogo and Jesse


Bogo in "Bogo has Coffee"

I had created Bogo origanly as just some random character to be an extra in one of my videos. But I decided that I really liked him and I wanted to do more. His first video, "Bogo robs a bank" was made just so that I would have a video to do while my friend Jesse was over. After that video I decided to do another; "Bogo Has Coffee".

Bogo was an instant hit. So I did more, and just about every video that didn't have a main character or idea that wasn't Bogo went to the "Bogo Playlist".

Here is a little bit about Bogo:


  • Height: 3' 10"
  • Weight: 70 lbs
  • Age: 10
  • Country: Unkown

Bogo was always a little rascal as a child, and always got into things he shouldn't have. He was born to a poor family and, since he was so small and scrawny, was left to die in the streets. Fortunatly for Bogo an old man found him and took him in and mentored him. Bogo grew into a fine young boy, and although still srawny, did a lot of fine work. at age nine he and his adopted father moved to America to work in New York. At age ten Bogo robbed a bank for fun under the false identity of; "Boko Ashviga" (Pronouced: osh-ve-ga). But when Bogo got back home he found that all the money he had taken were just pieces of scrap drawing paper.