Dylan Pictures was created in the year of 2011 when I, Dylan Busch, decided that I needed a new company name when my "DORITOS!!" (see DORITOS!!) videos started geting into copyright trouble. Dylan Pictures was a HUGE success, my videos started getting more views and I got more subscribers. Right before I decided to drop the "DORITOS!!" series I came out with my first movie; "DORITOS!! the movie" was a pretty big milestone to get past. but it was totaly worth it. Although I do regret my opening scene taking up half of the whole movie.

After I the movie I came out with a new series called "Robe Wars" wich was supposed to be about these different clans of people wearing robes and fighting for the survival of their clans. I quikly dropped "Robe Wars" because all that ever happened in the videos was some person chasing another person and one of the two dying. You can watch the series here though. After that I just started doing random videos that mainly involved the character "Bogo", who was supposed to be a crazy, Fred like weirdo.